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"AboutJean-Baptiste Cassin, French born, is an accomplished musician, multimedia artist, performer, producer and globetrotter artist. Jean-Baptiste Cassin commonly known as JB performed in many musical bands . It’s only in 2013 that JB decided to give birth to his own artistic identity : D:polair ! In 2013, besides is band Manawa formed in Mauritius, he created “Men vs Machines” with Swal, an other french artist. The duo made a powerful electronic music live set. In 2015, after his move to asia, D:polair created “Kalikot”, an electronic music live performance, who combine sounds, lights and video-projection. Behind his machines, D:polair hacks sounds and samples, while video and lights structures synchronised with the music provide the visual part, for even more striking effect. The same year, he formed the duo “NMation” with Nykó Macá, a filipina singer. This project is based on the mix of electronic music, tropical sounds from africa, brazil and Caribbean rythms. In parallel, D:polair developed a serie of performances named “Polycyclic” whose main theme is the concept of cycle, with collaborations with beatboxer, dancer and painter. In 2016, while working on different projects, D:polair release a first EP called « Moments » where Electro-Ambient sounds melt with piano harmonies. D:polair is in constant search for his performances. He explores more and more the links between sounds, visuals and human-machine interactions. " page...